Private Collections

Bullseye_webWHITE BUCK, 2013, acrylic on vinyl, 42×42

Drag Queen 2DRAG QUEEN DANCE PARTY, 2014, acrylic on vinyl, 30×24

Monsters_webMONSTERS IN THE MIND, 2013, acrylic on vinyl, 24×21

Wet_webWET, 2013, acrylic on vinyl, 23×34

Susan & Daisy_webSUSAN & DAISY, 2013, acrylic on vinyl, 34×22

Opening Season_webOPENING SEASON, 2013, acrylic on vinyl, 44×30

Tipping Point_webTIPPING POINT, 2013, acrylic on vinyl, 48×30

Family Portrait_webFAMILY PORTRAIT, 2013, acrylic on fabric, 60×48

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