Base Clef

Base Clef

My latest obsession is using records from my grandma’s collection as my canvas. (I think its quite brilliant!) When I first made the decision to pack up her massive collection.. 1) I didn’t realize how heavy the boxes were to move and  2) I had no idea what I was going to do with them as I had no record player.. Hopefully I’m not painting over some really valuable records!

But when sifting through them I feel overwhelming appreciation for their beautiful covers, this archic method of listening to music that I missed and the happiness they must have brought my Grandma. I wish we had shared moments of listening to music together. Her late husband, my Grandpa Frank who I never met was a great musician and could play piano by ear, meaning he could hear a song and sit down and play it. Mom looked for this talent in us early during our piano lessons to no avail..


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