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When Native Americans applied war paint on their Mustangs, the long zig-zag lines symbolized lightning to add power and speed to the horse.

Last year when Jennifer visited she mentioned she wanted to see “my” horses at Koli. We reminisced about a time I took her riding when we were young. Looking back I realize Sarah and I were ruthless with our inexperienced friends we took riding and delighted in their discomfort. Some of our techniques included taking off to a gallop, sending them over jumps, making them ride bareback or swimming in the horse pond.  Jennifer’s experience included riding my sister’s horse Shoni. When I encourage her to go over a jump the bounce of it sent Jennifer flying out of the saddle. I jumped off and my priority was 1) catch her horse, 2) find the gummy bears that flew out of saddle and then 3) see if she was ok.. oops.. I still love my gummy bears..

So anyway, the morning before their flight back to Saratoga we head down to the barn. I’m still thinking I can get them up on a horse for a short ride. Jamin, who loves going to their racetrack is terrified to ride a horse..  (Probably because all he sees is how those crazy thoroughbreds act!) However then it sinks in that most people don’t want to smell like horse for a 5 hour flight back home.. or get their new baby dirty just for a photo opp. Oh well Maeve’s still young, we’ve got lots of time to get her on a horse.. 🙂



BTW, My horse themed artwork is now for sale at Koli Equestrian! Yay! Check out their website here:

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