Maeve’s Pony

Maeve's Pony

My elementary school BFF asked me to paint a rocking horse to match her new nursery.  I think she knew she’d hook me going for my soft spot – horses (not babies).  I was excited about the project but in typical form had procrastinated.  I still had a couple months before the new baby would be born.  When dad got sick and I flew home, Jennifer’s baby shower was the following weekend and since I could now go, I had a fast approaching deadline!  My art teacher Betsy lives a couple miles from the hospital in Rochester.  She was kind to donate the canvas and some paint and we enjoyed a few quality hours working in her studio.  I met one of her friends and enjoyed seeing other artist’s work.  It’s a nice environment to be surrounded by artists, a constant source of inspiration and motivation!

At the shower my niece Anna tagged along.  It’s always great to see old friends and church family. I also reunited with another high school friend, picking right back up after years of not speaking.

Jennifer tells me Maeve looks at the painting and smiles when she’s getting changed.  She says, “I try to make horse noises but I SUCK at sound effects!” 🙂  How cute..  I pride myself in feeling that I have perfected a couple of horse noises, or well at least one..

Below: Two years ago Jennifer asked me to paint a tree for her wedding that guests could sign.  It helped me break the ice and get back into painting again.


2 thoughts on “Maeve’s Pony

  1. How very special for your growing-up friend and her wee one to have your rocking horse painting!! Such a dear gift, indeed. And I loved the story about your re-connecting, in Rochester, with your art teacher and how inspiring that visit was. You are blessed with talents galore, Gal !!

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