Purple Summer In Pink


I spent the summer with Mom and my sisters commuting to the hospital and taking care of Dad once he came home.  Always one to make the best of a crummy situation, I enjoyed extra time with my nieces and nephew and of course squeezed in some horseback rides at the Bolton’s.  Upstate NY has awesome summers and I was glad to be out of the oven of Phoenix.  Al came to visit and was surprised at how NOT bored he was. We 4-wheeled through the woods and I learned how to golf. Al was recruited by our hunters to help install tree stands and grow a food plot for the deer. Oh yeah, Mom and I also stained the concrete floor in the basement – a major undertaking that would probably still be unfinished if we really knew what we were getting into.  Back breaking work, it took two days just to grout.  We sang Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday to Dad when he saw the finished product as it was his bright idea.  Luckily it looks awesome!

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