Bubbly Fish

Bubbly Fish_blog

This next trifecta of paintings was a speed session over the holidays with my nieces.  Stella was eager to break into her new art set and willingly shared paint and canvases with her sister and cousins and me.  We got the table set up in the playroom. As I’m keeping an eye on things Jen comes up stairs to check on us. Upon learning this was permanent paint she has the kids strip out of new Christmas clothes down to their panties (or in Evan’s case his big boy panties), and just in time.  Not a minute goes by before Evan has a streak of paint across his tummy – whew close one!  So I found myself surrounded by 4 giggling almost nudies.  Sophie would say a great name and I painted what came to mind.  The first – Bubbly Fish – though with that eyebrow I added at the end he doesn’t appear quite so bubbly..

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