Purple Haze on the Hill


I struggled with a name for this one.  My fallback is a lazy description of the painting.  Tempted to call my niece to make up a name, I remembered I had just bought this orange and purple paint that day.  A good purple was impossible to mix with my blue and red acrylics.

Previously one to painstakingly fill in the textured canvas background, working with so much watercolor paint has taught me to use the white background to highlight my colors.  I now enjoy the texture showing through as I am working out of a great book full of thick handmade paper.  The beautiful inconsistencies and rugged edges of the pages help me not take each one so seriously, experiment with new techniques and dust off my sketching abilities.  I can flip through my work to see the progression, and am challenging myself to paint from imagination and not rely on a photo reference.  My thoughts must have drifted to the fields in upstate NY. The idea of Little House on the Prairie came to mind, so my first name was Little House on the Hill.  I decided to pull from Jimi Hendrix’s song “Purple Haze” and combine the two.

2 thoughts on “Purple Haze on the Hill

  1. I miss those fields. This reminded me of that purple field we found one day when we were trailblazing. We never saw it again after that. Maybe it was the flowers or how the sun hit the grass that day. Even if we did find the same field the purlple color wasn’t there.

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