Bodhi: Tree of Spice


I was pleasantly unprepared for this one to be such a hit at Christmas.  Though I shouldn’t be surprised that others find trees as magical as I do.  My sister asked me to draw a tree for her friend’s wedding a couple days after I had finished this.  Makes me want to expand my Bodhi collection.  Bodhi means tree of knowledge or tree of life.  My connection with trees and nature is deeply rooted in childhood.  Last spring when I was home in upstate NY I found a tree so tempting I had to jump off the 4-wheeler and climb it.  It made me feel both young and old all at once.  Sitting up high, feeling a little nervous and enjoying the new perspective I vowed to share this with my nieces.  When we got together over the summer I came face to face with the reality of how drastic the seasons change things, and my trail was now filled with full crops of corn, overgrown bushes and hungry mosquitoes!  As a pricker snagged Stella’s leg, blood began to flow, tears were narrowly averted so we aborted our plan and headed quickly back down the mountain.

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