Cali Artichokes!

Cali Artichokes_blog

After re-reading the blog that inspired this painting, I was actually shocked i picked this boring landscape compared to the true gems in the entry, those wild artichokes! How funny!

I remember being sad to leave my middle school art teacher Mrs. Accomb and she assured me I was going to love Betsy, and she was right, I do.  After multiple times passing out during our 4-H horse dissection projects I was gently persuaded away from the veterinary path and into the arts.  (no regrets)  After graduating college I lived with my parents for a year and commuted to Rochester to work at an awesome little design firm Kek Associates.  Getting tired of the 50 min. each way commute I asked Bets if I could crash at her house once in a while and of course she said yes.  An unusual arrangement perhaps but it worked out great and I ended up staying with Jim and Betsy quite a bit.  I certainly enjoyed dinners, listening to Andrea Bocelli, art projects and our extra time together. With my best friend in Los Angeles it wasn’t long before my itch to experience the west coast was too great and to my parents despair I threw caution to the wind and left my great job to explore the unknown.  A bumpy but exciting road!  Though I never went to an artichoke farm I did have a avocado tree in my yard, but I hate to admit I think the dogs enjoyed it more than we did.  Needless to say, California and the Hoefen family will always have a special place in my heart.

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