Milk Jug

For my last painting session while in Richmond, Sophie and I set up shop in the driveway and while she painted mountains experimenting with different brushes I focused on this great metal jug in Kristie’s garden.  I later learned mom gave her this antique jug filled with jars of her famous cinnamon applesauce.  Kristie and I searched for the name Crandall that used to be printed on the side.  It was an old 25 gallon milk jug from my dads Uncle Bruce’s dairy farm back in the day.  Its very cool and no wonder I was drawn to it, and nice to learn some family history.  I stashed two jars of mom’s applesauce – usually pushing my baggage limit to the max – I probably could have fit a third and will have to re-up at Christmas.  Sad to leave such a great family, especially with sentimental nieces whose eyes well up at the airport and ask me, “Why don’t you live closer?”..

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