Rainbow Geyser

I’m still posting paintings from my trip to Richmond.  For this session with my nieces I wanted them to be inspired by something personal, so we flipped through a photo book of their recent family trip to Yellowstone.  One of them picked a great family portrait shot which I expertly avoided.  After much deliberation we agreed on a geyser.  We loved the bright colors around it created by the sulfur.  Luckily this was NOT a scratch n’ sniff book.  Here is my rendition.

2 thoughts on “Rainbow Geyser

  1. I have to clarify the first (Career Partners) post and like. I forgot that I was signed in WP as the company I work for. So delete that comment and keep this one!

    Love this! Vibrantly layered! One of my favorites of yours.

    Thanks for liking my most recent post. I appreciate your visit.

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