Fleur de Sel

I have had a lull in painting lately as I’ve been inundated with my film and tv projects. I’ve missed the thrill I get from creating a new piece, but I’ve also been spending my art time prepping my current paintings for print in an effort to stimulate some sales.  So this seemed a good time to post some of my previous paintings.  This is the first in a set of two flowers.  I like the name, Fleur de Sel, which actually means French sea salt.  I also like the aquatic type seaweed feel to the background.

If you are a member of the Bergvall family you can expect to get artwork prints for Christmas, and this set of flowers were the chosen pieces for last year.  This year I have many more options to choose from, as I have been a busy bee, so I predict there will be a lot more diversity.

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