Kaleidoscope Days

This is what my eyes feel like when I stare at the computer for too long. When this name was suggested I had to look up the spelling and was pleased to learn that kaleidoscope comes from Greek kalos meaning ‘beautiful’ + eidos ‘form’. I’ve always liked kaleidoscopes – we had one you could fill with any small odd items.

My sister has been asking me to paint abstract and I have to admit it doesn’t come naturally. I’ve never done any masking before so this was a simple start to using that technique. There was something refreshing about getting a nice crisp straight line.

One thought on “Kaleidoscope Days

  1. It’s always good for artists to try something new…go against “their usual” sometimes. You did a wonderful job with “Kaleidoscope Days” and I love the last line of your post. Also, thanks for sharing the etymology of the word kaleidoscope–as a writer I always love learning about words.

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