Cattail Daydreams

I love cattails. We have a bunch at one end of our pond in NY. Whenever I paddle the canoe toward them I begin to daydream. Ever since designing the new house after the fire, I envision cabins and bungalows popping up all over the property. (Dad has his work cut out for him!) Many times they begin with a name significant to their location on the land. At this particular end of the pond I intend to build the Cattail Café, where you can drink your morning coffee overlooking the still water. Then we’ll have Daybrook Inn, Fossil Creek Cabin, Four Maple Stables, Pine Falls and Sumac Sanctuary.  Who will come visit all of these architectural gems has yet to be determined.. If you build it they will come right? Details, details..

So when scoping the land by 4-wheeler for materials with which to build fairy houses with my nieces I decided to incorporate these fanciful reeds. Even if it meant trekking through prickers (in shorts) to get to some. Anna was kind enough to offer her sweatshirt up for protection, which I was able to wrap around 1 thigh 🙂 But we were triumphant in procuring an ample supply before Grandma found us on her 4-wheeler to call us to dinner. (Probably wondering why I had a pink sweatshirt around my leg.) Our trunk was now full of materials from nature and the barn, but construction would have to wait. The idea to build houses for fairies was inspired by these books – and fellow imagineers at Loon Lake.

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