True Twilight

This was inspired by one of my favorite shows this year, True Blood.  This painting has fangs – a phrase my boyfriend and I have coined to mean crazy, sexy, cool. We use it whenever possible. I have often felt like a vampire during this hot Phoenix summer, as even enjoying a walk outside MUST be done at night. My NY blood is ready for the temp to drop and stay below 100°. I am ready for fall. (And yes, that is foreshadowing for some upcoming paintings..)

7 thoughts on “True Twilight

  1. That is gorgeous. I have become completely addicted to True Blood as well–but my husband refuses to watch anything with vampires (he is more of a zombie guy), even though I know he would like it too. Anyway–this is a completely stunning piece. I love it.

  2. This one reminds me a lot of the two trees on top of my parents’ hill. Even though one of the trees is gone now, I still “see” both of them together everytime I drive over the hill. Miss you!

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