Acacia Shade

I finally got my most recent batch of paintings scanned.  Again, this was inspired by our Big Cats in Africa, where shade is a treasured commodity. We often joke that after dinner as we lay back on the sofa, we feel like a pride of lions going to take a nap under a shade tree.

I just got back to Phoenix after a great week with family in upstate NY. My nieces and nephew kept me busy. Sophie and Stella were big enough to go on a real trail ride with me and they got to see how horses can get really exciting outside the confines of a ring! Once scared, Anna is now fearless, but her little brother hasn’t yet warmed up to these big animals. Other favorites were paddling in the canoe, 4-wheeling in the woods, and tubing on Loon Lake.

The weather was perfect and I soaked it up, as it’s still too hot to spend much time outside in PHX. Mom pointed out the only days it rained was when my sister left with the kids and when I left, so she’s sure the heavens were telling us to stay. Things quieted down a lot when the kids left. I enjoyed early morning horseback rides with Vicki, and spending time in the nature I grew up loving. Dad came home for lunch one day and couldn’t find me after calling around the house. He finally spotted me asleep in the hammock and I looked so comfortable he couldn’t bring himself to wake me from my slumber. Highly recommended, spending time under a shade tree (preferably in a hammock) is like chicken soup for the soul.

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