Polly the Prancin’ Pony

When I decided to start painting again, I went back to my roots – horses – a constant source of inspiration for me.  I’d like to dedicate this painting to my friend Sarah who recently had a baby.  Some of my fondest childhood memories are riding horses with Sarah – creating games to play, falling asleep on horses, swimming in the horse pond, jumping and galloping too fast, you get the idea..

Before the paint was dry and while I was still admiring my work, my friend Marcia threw out the name Polly the Prancing Pony.  This then triggered the idea for a children’s book, where Polly is a rebellious carousel horse who longs to explore the world.  As a few of you know, I have a number of childrens books in the works, that I would like to one day publish.  I will credit this in part to my 3 amazing nieces Sophie, Stella, and Anna and my nephew Evan.  And also in part to my extraordinary childhood in which I had lots of land on which to romp around and let my imagination run.

This feat has yet to come to fruition, as I’m good at getting ideas but am not an experienced author.  And while the notion of self illustrating is ideal, the reality of it overwhelms me.

So with this book I’m going to give it a run.  My plan is to write it as I paint, and paint it as I write..

So far I have Polly as a trompin’ horse (as we like to call them) on the Santa Monica pier merry-go-round.  Upon hearing Polly’s dreams to travel, a child sets her free from the bars that keep her going round and round.  The operator warns Polly that if she steps off the platform she will be granted life, but must then adhere to the rules of being a live pony.  In her ignorant bliss she launches herself off the platform and the adventure begins.  First sensation – hunger….    ..to be continued.

With that I open the forum to your ideas and invite you to help me bring Polly to life.

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